EasyPort is the most complete free navigation service guide for Spain.

  • Spanish coast

    Includes geolocalized information of all services near the port within a radius of 25 kilometers.

  • Official services

    EasyPort provides complete information on all vessel repair and maintenance services.

  • Leisure and health

    The app includes the leisure and hospitality services closest to each port, including health and pharmacy centers.

  • Security

    EasyPort permite el Acceso a cualquier contacto en caso de emergencia, (ya sea Salvamento Marítimo, cuerpos de seguridad, bomberos, etc.


The easiness in locating the best marina and the characteristics, moorings, draft, meteorology, and all the services that are inside and outside the port showing the location of each of them.


EasyPort te ofrece información actualizada de la temperatura, humedad, presión atmosférica, velocidad y dirección del viento, amanecer y puesta de sol, etc.


Much of the information is downloaded to your terminal so you can access it on sites where the coverage is reduced.

Port Services

It knows in a simple and visual way what services each marina offers you (water, showers, fuel, waiting pier, access for the disabled, etc.).

Location of the port

Keep geotag your position and that of your destination point, in a simple and constant way.

Technical information

Conoce el calado, la eslora máxima y el número de amarres de cada marina, y accede en el momento a contactar con sus responsables.

Periodic Updates

Key information on everything you need to navigate comfortably and safely at the click of a button, and updated permanently.


You can simply know the coordinates of your destination, the main contact phones, the web, the email address and social networks of each harbour.

Social networks

Share your location with your friends through social channels (Facebook and Twitter).

What can EasyPort do for you?

EasyPort is your navigation guide. If you love the sea, rent or own a boat, this is your application. With permanent updates, know everything you need to know to navigate by clicking. Access to captaincy, the services closest to each port, contact pages, access to social networks, meteorology, etc. EasyPort includes information of more than 7,000 kilometers of coastline of the Spanish coast, fruit of the knowledge and passion for the sea of its promoters.

  • Easy access
  • Geolocation of all elements
  • Free App
  • Complete information
  • Offline Operation


Some images of the application.

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